Another 5-star review on (by "Mosquito")

Imagine that. I search "Waco" in Amazon and an actual product shows up? Upon reading the review, I just had to buy this book. I am a huge fan of the Waco biplane. The YMF-5 in particular. 

When the book arrived, I started the read and could not put it down! The author lived out my dreams of flying a biplane around Europe! 

I really enjoyed how the book was written by using daily emails sent to his friends and followers during his flights. I guess I didn't know that there was someone out there that truly loved the Waco biplane as much as I do! 

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Inside Personal Growth does phone interview

Good friend Greg Voisen hosts the website Inside Personal Growth and when he asked me if I would like to do an interview about the book, I was really apprehensive.  I have a healthy fear of being put on the spot, having to answer tough questions, and doing it all "live" with no do-overs!  But I figured that since it was a good friend who was asking, I should give it a shot.  Actually, as with most fears, it turned out to be not as horrible an experience as I imagined.

Here it is, warts and all:

The content is a little bit about the biplane and the tour of Europe, but there's a lot of new content about the story of my son Mike (my hero) and his amazing life.