Wednesday, February 15, 2012

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Here's the first review of this book, by George Walther, a Hall of Fame speaker and author of several books:

5 stars "An artfully-told adventure tale..."
This marvelous tale might aptly be titled, "The ART of Adventure" because of the author's beautifully crafted saga, told in colorful, vivid language. I've visited many of the spots he flew to, and he's managed to capture the spirit of each. I live in Europe near one of the spots he describes on the French Riviera and it's taken me six months of daily life to "tune in" to cultural oddities he somehow managed to astutely capture and describe in just a few days.It's the kind of book you needn't set out to read cover-to-cover. You could randomly flip to any day of this adventure log and be fascinated with that day's happenings. It's so compelling, though, that I'm sure you'll flip to another day immediately and won't want to miss one of them, once you've gotten just a taste of the author's artful style of writing. I didn't set out to read the whole book. But, once I'd skipped around to a few random days of his trip account, I just started at the first day and "flew" through the story along with him. 

It made me want to jump in the cockpit with him and fly off to the next destination. This man seems to "be here now" and expresses an over-arching, zen-like appreciation for for each amazing moment of his journey. It kept making me think of that "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" book, except that this one's no fantasy. McCafferty really made this journey, though his spirit is every bit as moving as was the Seagull's fantasy. I once had a pilot's license, and reading this book makes me want to get it updated and fly again. 

You could read it for any number of reasons: airplanes, adventure, Europe, artful writing. Whatever your motivation, you'll be glad you did.