Sunday, November 21, 2010

Additional Stories Published Elsewhere

 Listed below are links to background material that has been published by various aviation and Ferrari magazines.  They add color and cover a broad scope of my flying, business and lifestyle during those years. 

1.  “What You Say Is What You Get: How to Master Power Talking, the Language of Success” - a book by George Walther (1991) contains a chapter about the several ups and downs and the final up-and-out success in business.

2.   “The Greatest Sales Stories Ever Told, by the World’s Best Salespeople” by Robert L. Shook (1995) contains a chapter focusing on the building of my software company, starting with my personal bankruptcy and ending with the sale of the company and financial independence.  The chapter is called “Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way.”

3. "Classic Waco: Yes Dreams Can Come True" - Private Pilot Magazine, 1995

4. "To Dream, Perchance to Fly" - Aviation and Business Journal, 2001:

5. "Adventures at Mikie's Fun House" - the story of the big party before the European tour, published in Pilota, the official magazine of the Ferrari Owners Club, 1997

6. “Borrego Springs” -  a story written by French aviation journalist, author, and aviation personality Bernard Chabbert (1999). He came over from France to attend the big party just before I left for the European tour. His writing is a lot different from the others, and his perspective is quite different in some respects.  He has some facts and the sequence of some events wrong, but he's got the general idea right. This story was published two years after the party, and the Euro tour. It appeared in the British Pilot magazine.

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